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Everything you need to build astonishing apps

MusicStation Warp is a highly flexible, globally scalable, high performance and fully internationalised cloud-based music API. It provides access to the rock-solid MusicStation platform and a vast array of music features allowing you to build amazing cloud-based music apps.

This powerful proprietary API delivers an unrivalled time to market for cross-device, cloud-based, global application deployment.

Whether you want to search, build and share playlists, play tracks, get ace recommendations, implement delicious cross-fade, identify your local collection, navigate an artist’s works or see what’s hot in the local charts, Warp has it all and more.

Warp’s astonishingly powerful suite of 300 API features provides everything you need to easily build a world class, globally deployable app. The more you use it, the more you realise there’s almost no limit to what you can build.

Building blocks for global media applications

Warp is an unimaginably rich API providing the power to do amazing things. Using simple RESTful calls, manage user and device authentications. Setup user lifecycles, entitlements and charging. Navigate the massive music catalogue and access an incredible wealth of music metadata.

Turn on powerful music discovery and recommendations capabilities integrating fantastic radio-like channels into your music apps. Deliver powerful and flexible searching capabilities across songs, artists, albums and playlists.

Warp provides incredibly rich User Profile features including favourites, cloud library, history and playlisting. Plug in advanced music collection identification and cloud locker synchronisation technologies. Integrate your music apps into the heart of the social web with the Warp community features.

Stream or download content in a range of formats suitable for any device and network. Take your pick from the widest range of content protection technologies available in one platform. Record your user’s plays and skips using rich metering capabilities.

Deploy global music apps in multiple languages with internationalisation support built right in. Leverage the service localisation skills of our global team of in-house musicologists. Benefit from a powerful music reporting hub delivering global reports and statistics to labels, collection societies and partners.

View user status directly in your CS tool with the customer services API. Whatever you want to achieve in the world of digital music, Warp is quite literally the most powerful global music API you could choose.

Rich choices from the most flexible platform

Warp delivers the flexibility application developers need to deal with many device types, different software platforms and varying network challenges. Warp enables data objects result sets to be cached where appropriate - whether that’s on the network, in a CDN or on the device itself.

Caching strategies and object expiry times are simple to control and can vary based on object type. And from a data object structure perspective Warp provides the ultimate in flexibility. Based on MIME type, Warp can deliver lightweight JSON results, Google Protocol Buffers for fast binary or XML for more structured requirements.



Talking to the toughest devices

Deliver music to the least accessible devices using the WarpProxy. This integration and translation layer allows devices with proprietary communications protocols to access the MusicStation platform.

The WarpProxy is a dynamic toolkit that enables devices such as home entertainment systems, televisions, cars or MP3 players to talk Warp. Featuring an advanced edge-hosted, translation component, WarpProxy supports the integration of proprietary device protocols such as SONY BIVL.

A highly flexible development platform, WarpProxy can also provide device-specific optimisations, custom content manipulation, back-end legacy substitutions and partner-specific functionality not directly supported by Warp.

Increasing the power and effectiveness of the MusicStation platform, WarpProxy enables the construction of tailor-made, own-brand services for all major consumer devices, significantly extending our partners’ reach.

Cross-device, across any device

All the tools you need to achieve the dream of deploying cross-device, cloud-based music applications.

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