Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

MusicStation is the world’s first cloud-based global media platform supporting partners on any device in any country. Powering more services in more territories than anyone else. Enabling more device types and application platforms than any other provider. A global solution, tailored to the media needs of B2B partners.

Providing the back-end solutions for some of the world’s leading digital music services, MusicStation is the proven global leader in cloud-based music delivery systems. Seamlessly integrated with thousands of rights holders, content sources and music industry partners. World class content ingestion from all corners of the globe for a truly localised music experience.

A trusted and scalable solution already delivering to millions of users. A solution that scales with the partner. A platform proven to be massively globally scalable and proven to deliver long term telco-grade SLAs.

A platform delivered with superb support and professional services every at step. Trusted by the world’s largest consumer electronics, mobile, media and automotive businesses.

All the features you need built right in

MusicStation provides the ultimate in cross-device global music application development, deployment and management.

Whether you want to build applications like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora or even Shazam, MusicStation is the right choice.

Powerful Warp and Mars APIs provide the ultimate flexibility and ease of application development. Quickly navigate a massive music catalogue filled with incredibly rich metadata curated by expert musicologists.

Benefit from a wide range of audio types, content delivery mechanisms and content

protection schemes to address the requirements of any device or network.

Configure the lifecycle for virtually any business model using the versatile OmniPay subscriptions and payments management system.

Plug your rich music applications into the social web using the sophisticated cloud community engine and deliver vibrant music communities.

Collate incredibly rich user profile and listening data and track the steps of a consumer’s digital journey.

Deliver the user a sense of true entertainment immersion with quality recommendations, powerful search and a wealth of music discovery features.

Synchronise and harmonise a user’s music library, playlists and favourites via the cloud. Quickly get them sync’d with MusicStation’s powerful Cloud Locker.

Leverage a best of breed global content delivery platform and seamlessly report to all rights holders world-wide. MusicStation is the best in its class.

Global scale, global reach

Omnifone is the only independent music platform provider with a truly global footprint – currently live in 45 countries across five continents. Omnifone has delivered global deals with all major labels, hundreds of independents and all the relevant publishers and collection societies.

The MusicStation platform delivers a completely localised catalogue in every country with a committed SLA covering all major international and local music repertoire and frontline content.

Get application and music metadata local language support for any country in the world. Benefit from our expert team of musicologists for every territory creating localised content and editorial.

Plug in to the global payment infrastructure and leverage the world-wide, cloud-based content delivery platform. MusicStation is the only music platform with the proven scale to have launched 18 fully localised service territories on one single day.