Musicology | Experts in music, delivering tailored playlists

Global music in our veins

Omnifone boasts one of the world’s largest teams of international musicologists, including qualified journalists and team members with many years of music industry experience.

From our London headquarters and regional hubs, we cover all service nationalities and languages. Bringing a vast human knowledge of all types of music and comprehensive experience in the curation of digital music services.

Hand-curated editorial

We provide a comprehensive solution for the localisation of global music services including multi-lingual and multi-language support even for non-Latin characters set languages.

The global musicologist team specialize in the delivery of editorial features and create bespoke promotions for timed coverage across all services territories. They can also provide daily and weekly updated editorial playlists, featured playlists, select top members & promote Tastemakers celebrities and brands.

Enjoy our hand-curated premium channels by territory specific musicologists. Bringing your music applications to life has never been easier.

Powerful tools to do a global job

Orchestrated by a suite of powerful content management tools, our team manages the editorial for each service, in each language, in every territory.

Enabling the creation of playlists, channels, news, charts, new releases and other editorial, the musicologist team personalises and localises services globally.

With full control of content management, recommendations and automatic popularity & release date based playlist generation, territory-specific musicologists create channels, playlists, new release sets, artist biographies, music news and more.

The tools provide full control of all areas of content displayed and used on all devices. They can quickly allow for any service changes including partner-requested promotions or takedowns.