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Uniquely experienced to help

With over 8 years experience of digital music service licensing and 140 years across the team collectively, Omnifone is uniquely placed within the world of music licensing.

Exceptionally well connected, we have a mature licensing team who deal directly with music rights owners.

With a proven track record of securing innovative licensing approaches and the ability to license for both unlimited subscriber and a-la-carte services, we are able to offer a global licensing solution unlike any other.

A highly complex task that many have attempted but few have achieved, licensing is an inescapable aspect of any music service. In order to deliver any music to anyone, in any territory, an organisation first needs to gain explicit permission from all associated rights owners, with negotiations typically requiring a great deal of time and effort.

Major record companies, independent labels, music publishers and the collection societies are all responsible for collecting revenues and must give consent before their content can be sold. Anyone wishing to offer a music service must go to each organisation independently. Omnifone is uniquely positioned to help with any global licensing challenge.

Innovating new digital models

Omnifone pride ourselves on our innovative approach to new or challenging digital business models. Capable of covering virtually any subscription, a-la-carte or bespoke solution, Omnifone has a proven track record that is unmatched within the industry.

Capable of adapting to entirely unique models, we have built solutions around completely unprecedented concepts, such as Research In Motion’s community-based BBM™ Music.

This track record covers a number of important areas. We understand the difference between streaming-only and multi-device solutions, including their associated licensing and capability issues. We have the technical knowhow and licensing abilities needed to offer free trials, discounted introductory subscriptions and fixed pre-licensed solutions.

This greatly eases the global challenges of creating packages and increases the speed at which a partner can grow with its service user base and digital revenues.