Music Data Reports and Insights

Mature reporting system servicing thousands of parties

Based on a mature Data Warehouse infrastructure Omnifone provide a turn-key solution to the extensive global reporting requirements of digital music services.

Omnifone’s global reporting services today manage the automated delivery of over 6,500 reports produced and dispatched on a real-time, daily, weekly and monthly basis. These reports are delivered to hundreds of parties including major record companies, independent labels, content aggregators, collection societies, publishers, our commercial partners and an internal audience.

A vast range of reporting requirements are covered including a wide range of external and proprietary label and partner formats. We fulfil labels, publishers and collection societies reporting requirements globally and provide financial reporting capabilities for calculating complex financial and usage statistics.

The reporting warehouse has a capacity of processing more than 100 million track play and download transactions per day and it is architecturally scalable beyond.

A wealth of critical reports to run your business

Amongst the vast range of reports delivered to thousands of parties, there is a wealth of information, statistics and behavioral indications. Reports provided to labels and societies contain usage and financial performance information based on user numbers, play data and transactions.

In addition to these base commercial and financial reports there is a wealth of useful reports including: customer segmentation, trend analysis, service KPIs, content type consumption, user lifecycle analysis, on-ramp & churn analysis, device and territory consumption and use statics. On the content side we also run weekly chart comparison statics for services in 45 territories.

Keeping you in the loop, real-time

We also support a partner requirement for having real-time events reported via a messaging infrastructure into partner systems.

MusicStation also has Event Feed, configurable by service partner to deliver key service information in real-time. Examples of where this real-time information is useful are for customer service desk integration or product cross-sell opportunities.

With the Event Feed a partner can easily choose from any of the very rich system events which occur during a user’s use of their music app.