Music API finding and recommending new music

Delivering the best recommendations

Relevant and personalised recommendations are increasingly important for music discovery when customers have access to massive catalogues containing a bewildering array of millions of musical choices. To deliver the ultimate experience MusicStation features a wide range of impressive in-built capabilities and a seamless third-party recommendations engine plug-in architecture.

Some of the world’s most advanced recommenders, including Gracenote’s Discover® are available via a common Warp API. Multiple recommendation sources are available to a single application and results are delivered using a common catalogue name space.

Recommendations are truly up-to-the-minute, fully tailored with data from music services stretching across 45 countries and thousands of musical classifications that include mood, era, genre, tempo, popularity, artist type and origin. Combined with sophisticated user taste profiling including listens, likes and dislikes, this rich data provides for highly configurable recommendations seeding and advanced personalisation.

A host of recommendations to choose from

Choose from a wide array of music channel and recommendation set generators. Deliver similar tracks, artists and releases seeded by tracks, artists or releases. Generate continuous playback genre, era and mood focused channels. Deploy local and global track, album, playlist and genre charts automatically compiled daily and weekly from play data and external sources.

Deliver users artist-based channels or “You might like” sets of artists, releases, tracks and playlists. Show an artist’s most popular releases and tracks derived from listening habits, musicologist curation and external metadata sources. Generate recommendations based on the most recent releases sourced from the thousands of new tracks ingested each day.

Discover users with similar tastes through the advanced Nearest Neighbour technology. Get recommendations for songs, artists, albums and playlists that people like you are listening to. See the favourites of your neighbourhood, even get social recommendations of potential friends with similar musical tastes.

Powerful, fast, feature-rich search

The MusicStation platform features a fast & flexible music catalogue search built on a robust SOLR powered engine. The service allows powerful free text searches for any combination of track, artist, release, composer or playlist. Integrated ‘suggest-as-you-type’ gets you to your results with a minimal number of keystrokes.

Results are automatically weighted according to popularity, bringing the most relevant results to the top. If precise matches cannot be found, it resorts to tight fuzzy search logic while simultaneously making suggestions that help guide the user to the content they are looking for.

Powerful control is delivered through a flexible genre and era filtering system. Result sets can be capably handled using Warp’s in-built results paging mechanism.

Browse to your heart’s content

For those users who wish to explore the massive catalogue for themselves, the rich Warp API provides a powerful set of catalogue browsing capabilities. Navigate through artists, along links to similar artists and discover their full repertoire of albums and releases accompanied by rich biographies and reviews.

Highlight the most popular content from an artist and manage repeat album and track publishing using the primary release and track feature. Navigate by genre or era and discover the best and most popular works and what is currently charting. The ‘Appears On’ feature allows you to show links to compilations and other artist’s releases in which the current artist has contributed to.

The essential collection

In order to laser tune recommendations and to deliver winning tracks every time, Omnifone has developed a super catalogue - an Essential Collection.

This finely tuned catalogue is created by a combination of editorial curation and auto population based on evergreen tracks, hits, chart toppers, popularity, compilations and listening behaviour.

Delivering ultra sharp results from a winning set of global tracks.