Mars API Middleware by

Mars does the heavy lifting while you focus on adding value

The Mars embedded native media middleware is the easy-to-use, feature-packed, rock-solid foundation for the most powerful media applications. Gain instant access to Omnifone’s world-class native Mars APIs and rapidly deliver tremendous looking feature-rich music experiences.

Don’t spend your valuable time working on the complex software ’plumbing’ that sits

behind the UIs of sophisticated media applications. Instead build gorgeous looking cloud-based apps by simply making calls to the local Mars API which does all the hard work for you.

Mars frees up developers to focus entirely on what they should be doing - building the UI for incredible music applications. It neatly separates the user interface from back-end

systems, taking the burden out of app development while remaining flexible enough to facilitate unprecedented customisation.

Mars delivers the difficult software jobs that all apps need in an easy-to-use API. Building amazing native music applications has never been easier or quicker.

Packed with rich media features

Equipped with everything you need and more to deliver the greatest music apps on all the latest devices. Mars takes care of all the difficult software required behind today’s sophisticated music applications.

Instantly access the full extent of the massive Warp API with just a couple of lines of code. Intelligent local object caching comes embedded so apps are lightning fast and you don’t have to write network service access software.

You also don’t have to develop music data objects or their relationships – it’s all there already, delivered by this powerful media middleware.

Mars manages the device registration and access authentication and assists with the complexities of customer entitlements, subscription lifecycle management and seamless session management. It takes care of all the complex code required to stream or progressively download audio from the cloud – including the latest HLS capabilities.

Offline support and audio control

Quickly and easily build apps with background music downloading features and a seemingly unlimited music storage carousel behind a rocking play queue. Mars comes with OmniPlay a label approved lightweight offline playback capability which allows music to be enjoyed when you are on plane or in a tunnel. It also takes care of both online and offline content playback metering and reporting required by rights owners.

Seamlessly switch between audio file size and sound quality based on device or bandwidth. Build versatile interoperating apps utilising Mars support for song, artist, album and playlist object deep-linking and embedding.

Why spend months writing it from scratch when you can get it all in an instant from Mars.

The easiest way to access Warp’s rich feature set

When you build your apps on Mars you have the full power of Warp at your fingertips. Navigate a catalogue with millions of tracks. View the entire works of a favourite artist. Embed rich music metadata in your native applications including genre, mood, era, artist type, origin, imagery & biography.

Perform powerful and flexible searches across songs, artists, albums and playlists. Achieve professional sounding delicious cross-fade using DjML. Deliver personalised channels, playlists and recommendations.

Easily deploy social networking integration and community features including friends, followers and music sharing. Sync your users’ listening habits, favourites and music library to the cloud without writing the code.

Move from device to device and pick up your song from the point you left off. The award winning MusicStation platform has more features and capabilities than any other, it’s in a class of its own. With Mars, delivering rich engaging music applications has never been easier.

All the top devices supported

Mars is available on all the leading device platforms including Android phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

A version of Mars is also available in GWT for web programmers to rapidly power up their HTML & HTML5 music applications.

So whatever your target devices, save time and money and deliver richer music applications by building them on Mars.