Expert API training and support

Expert API training & support

Omnifone offers services to help, advise and support partners developing their own branded cross-device music applications. We bring a profound understanding of how to get the best results from the MusicStation platform, Warp & Mars APIs and the best out of any device.

Omnifone’s API support includes functional analyses of customer use cases, process flows, draft mapping to Warp functional groups, defect triage, issue management, environment configuration, and functional testing support.

Acting as a functional sounding board for partners’ ideas, we also use our deep immersion in the industry to challenge ideas and offer advice.

For a quick start we provide partners with extensive examples, sandboxed design

environments, and comprehensive quick-start reference documentation. This slashes the time it takes developers to start building fantastic solutions.

Sharing our experience with the Warp & Mars APIs, content delivery networks and devices, we help partners leverage caching and RESTful best practices.

Working to map MusicStation’s capabilities to a partner’s needs, we discuss the main drivers of the user experience, as well as offering developer-level support for specific programming interfaces and examples to help speed up the process of development.

Partners are provided with laser sharp guidance to help determine the best course of action, giving them an expert point of contact so that issues are quickly identified and addressed.

Omnifone helps configure the MusicStation platform to the specific needs of the partner, combining this with functional testing support to ensure that the client-side application works perfectly and the user experience is second-to-none.

We also provide a full range of professional security consultancy, advising partners on how to build content security frameworks that ensure data cannot be stolen and end users’ data privacy is guaranteed.

Finally, we share roadmaps with all of our partners, giving them input on the functionality they would like to see added. New feature requests are taken seriously and roadmaps are heavily influenced by partners, allowing their services to grow and evolve as time goes on.

Delicious user experience and interface design

Unique in our singular focus on music, platform design and extensive consulting capabilities, we bring years of user experience and interface design to our deep engagements with partners.

Fully aware of the issues that come with operating a service across a multitude of disparate devices, we offer advice on cross-device design strategies, how to design the most appealing user interfaces, and the steps that are necessary to creating a consistent, uniform, attractive and navigable user experience.

We begin with both high-level workshops and early communication between product design and engineering teams, encouraging blue sky thinking over a number of days. During these sessions, we ensure that we fully understand our partner’s wishes, running through potential scenarios and presenting potential challenges up front so that problems can be addressed before they occur.

Prior to service launch, Omnifone is also able to provide comprehensive testing and analysis, using relationships with trusted third parties to conduct comprehensive usability studies. These provide valuable insights into trends and the way that consumers are using a partner’s services on their TVs, PCs, tablets, home audio devices, and DVD, Blu-ray, in-car, and MP3 players. We ensure that the user experience is consistent and our partners’ brand integrity is maintained.

A golden ear for audio

Eight years of getting millions of files to play on thousands of devices has led to a deep understanding of the world of digital audio delivery, giving us a singular insight into the many pre and post service launch issues that arise. With many choices of available audio formats, bit rates, devices and players, we present partners with realistic options that maintain the essential balance between the user experience and musical quality.

Partnered with world leaders in audio, Omnifone has full visibility all the way from receiving the lossless files from content owners through to the music that plays on end users’ devices. This exceptionally rare capability ensures that we can give our partners the quality of audio their customers demand.

Experts in finding the “sweet spot” in digital audio cloud services, we balance the download speed, user experience, perceived audio quality, and cost. Omnifone also understands how to market audio in a world that focuses heavily on bit rate numbers rather than the holistic musical experience, guiding our partners through potential issues to help them avoid the many pitfalls of public audio delivery.