Discovering music via social network integration

All the top social networks built right in

Equipped with a single powerful view across a user’s social graph spanning multiple social networks, you’re free to control the social conversation via the easy-to-use Warp API.
Publish a user’s listens and interests across all their established social

networks in a single action. Seamlessly interact with friends and follow the coolest users. Leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other leading social networks. Effortlessly tap into the world of social media.

Use Facebook to drive user numbers sky high

Integrated into the heart of the world’s biggest social network, Omnifone is a Facebook Music Partner. Give your music application playability within Facebook and automatically share a user’s listening habits with their closest Facebook friends.

Drive Facebook users to your site via this platform integration and build an active and interactive global social music experience.

Leveraging the world’s social hubs has never been easier.

Packed with the latest social features

Recommend favourite songs, artists, playlists and albums to your friends. See what your friends are listening to right now. Follow the listening habits of the most popular users and build playlists to share through the cloud. Send a song, playlist, artist or album recommendation to another user’s inbox. Share your thoughts on songs, artists or playlists and listen to the commentary of the crowd.

Manage a user’s profile, status and presence. Discover new music through friends and their friends. Upload cloud-based music collections that seamlessly synchronise across any device. Protect users from device loss - their library, playlists, favourites, history and relationships are stored safely in the cloud. Everything you need for an amazing social music experience.

It only takes a second to learn the passions of a new user

Deep integration into the heart of social networks allows you to instantly determine the interests and likes of new visitors. Translate these interests and passions into a personalised app experience filled with the music they love.

Automatic background sync technology keeps the user profile in step with their social network interests. Making your music applications immediately pertinent and personalised was never easier.

Everybody needs good neighbours

Discover users with similar tastes through advanced Nearest Neighbour technology. Get recommendations for songs, artists, albums and playlists that people with similar musical tastes to you listen to.

Discover and explore music through the favourites of your neighbourhood. Tap into the most popular sounds of the neighbourhood and find new friends to share music with.

Befriend or follow musicologist curated “Top Members” and “Playmakers”. These simulated, managed super-users represent and promote real world artists and international brands.

Everything you need to build a pulsating music community – available in the MusicStation platform and accessible via a simple Warp API.

User timeline - a cloud chronology

Automatically record an activity chronology for every user with the powerful user timeline engine. Customise the events and actions recorded in a user’s timeline with a simple configuration.

Create a powerful cloud record of a user’s play, skip and sharing history. Quickly deploy app features showing historic events of a user or groups of users.

Paving the way for new social music models

Everything you need to deploy innovative socially related music access models. BlackBerry’s BBM Music was a world first allowing a user’s music collection to be defined by their social relationships. A user’s playlist can contain music from their own collection or the collections of their friends.

These features are enabled by linking the Social and Entitlements powerful platform capabilities. Music play rights can be determined based on the relationship between users. Proving the flexibility to power the licensing models of the future.

If your name’s not on the list, you’re not coming in

The social sharing capabilities come with strong privacy controls. User data sharing is regulated using a hierarchical permissions model. Every activity, asset or event associated with a user is classified as Private, Friends Only, Followers, Members Only or Public.

The flexible and capable set of user privacy tools that you need to build trust with your users.