Cloud Music | Access your music anywhere in the world

All your music in the cloud

Cloud Locker brings a user’s existing music collection to all their devices via the cloud. Quickly match and sync your entire collection with the cloud then access your music from any device wherever you are.

Identify and match music purchased from iTunes or other stores – even music imported from CD. Identify playlists and beam them up to the cloud. Update your collection or playlists on one device and have it automatically appear on all your devices.

Seamless scan, match and sync

The intelligent Web Agent scans your PC or Mac hard drive identifying and matching tracks against Omnifone’s massive 38 million song catalogue. Local and network file systems and local media players are also interrogated to find music and recognise your valuable playlists.

Your playlists and tracks are then beamed to your collection in the cloud. From the cloud the entire collection is instantly available to any device. Updates to your playlists from any device are automatically and seamlessly delivered to all other devices.

Any additions to your local collection are automatically recognised by the Web Agent and added to the cloud. Simply keeping your music world in sync.

Entertaining all your devices

Once in the cloud, take advantage of MusicStation’s cross-device capabilities to deliver instant access to any mobile, PC, Mac, tablet, games console, car, TV and a host of other device types. Though a song may have been found in one audio format, the format most appropriate to the device and network you are using is automatically chosen.

If you lose a device, don’t worry. Your library and other important data are stored securely in the cloud. If a device is lost a new device can be quickly resynchronised restoring the user experience.

Know your users at a glance

Scanning and identifying a user’s music collection also has the benefit of getting to know their tastes at a glance. A matched collection is automatically associated with MusicStation’s vast music metadata archive such as genre, era, artist, artist type, artist origin and mood.

This powerful user taste fingerprint can be used to kick-start customer profiling, drive recommendations and influence discovery. Helping to deliver a better more relevant experience to music users.